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Developers Information:
You can help "Inventory" in several ways: If you wish to help with any of these tasks Email Me.
For active developers/translators, it is recommended to join the development mailing list.

Translation Write Code:
If you wish to help by writing code for Inventory you can assist by:
  • Write PHP code / modules
  • Help code in VBscript, especially if you have experience in WMI scripting
  • If you have knowledge in SNMP, or automating data extraction from UNIX based systems or general devices you can contibute in creating automation for Inventory in that area
  • If you have ideas for features, you're welcome to suggest them
If you wish to help with any of these tasks Email Me.

Translation Translation Work:
Help is required to translate Inventory into other languages. Mainly looking for people to translate to German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Translation work is simple and requires mainly good knowledge in translation from English to your local language. You can get more information about the process in this help file.

New! you can now make the translation job easier with a new tool: The Translation Package is a small HTML/PHP tool that helps in generating translations. You need to unpack the archive in your inventory directory, and then access /inv/tools/xlate.php from your web browser.
Full instrunctions are available here

Translation Graphic Design:
If your abilities lie in graphical design, or UI design you can contribute too:
  • Help design Inventory's UI to be more effcient and friendly
  • Author additional themes for Inventory
If you wish to help with any of these tasks Email Me.

Inventory enjoys the hard work put into the following projects:

PHP   MySQL   SourceForge   Everaldo   Novula   jsCalendar   Get Firefox!

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Last Updated: 30 November 2006