The Computers screen will allow you to manage computers and related components. Computers can have two types of sub-components associated: Hardware - the actual components that make up the machine, and Operating Systems - one or more OS installed on the computer.

Search Search Computers
The search dialog allows you to view the computers list based on search criteria. You can search for computers with specific characteristics through this dialog.
The search dialog allows limitations on different fields. As a rule, if a field is left empty it will not be used in the search. If multiple fields are used, then the search results will belong to the group of computers that answer all search fields. (AND search).

The computer search dialog offers the following options:
Note, that similar fields are desbribed together in the list below, although they are not dependant in any way in search request - meaning you can search them independently of each other

List Add Computer Dialog
The add dialog requests basic information about the computer: Once a computer is added successfully, you will be redirected back to the computers list, and the new record will display.
Copy Copy Computer Dialog
This function allows you to quickly copy a computer record. This copy procedure will create an additional computer record with all the hardware the original computer has, and (optionally) also the Operating Systems the original has. The computer will be reported to be installed at the date of copying, and by the person performing the copy.
To copy a computer record, choose a computer from the list, and click the 'Copy' icon. A popup dialog will open that will allow you to quickly make the copy. In this window you'll be required to fill the following information:
List Edit Computer Dialog
The edit dialog allows to make changes to an existing computer record. It is similar to the add dialog, but it has two more sections: The 'Assigned OS' section will list all OS assigned to this computer, and the 'Assigned Hardware' section will list all hardware assigned to this computer. Both sections have an icon on the right side which will allow to modify the OS/hardware items assigned to the computer. You can read more about these dialogs in the 'Assign OS' and 'Assign Hardware' sections.

List Deleting a Computer
Delete is preformed in the standard way: select an item from the computers list and click the delete icon in the top toolbar. The action will be confirmed by a warning message. Note, that when deleting a computer, all hardware assigned to that computer will be deleted as well and all OS assigned to the computer will be unassigned (detached), but not deleted. If hardware from that computer is used elsewhere, we recommend that you do not allow it to be deleted and then re-created in the system, rather use the clipboard abilities to detach the hardware before deleting the computer record, and then re-assign it to another entity. This allows you to keep track of hardware that is reused in different computers.