Inventory considers 4 types of users:

All users except 'hardware owners' can login to the system, and have a username and password set. ('Hardware owners' do not require a login to be assigned). When logging into the system, the left navigation bar will display information about the user's permissions: A different icon will be displayed for each permission level, and the permission level will also be typed in text beside the icon.

Note Throughout the help files explanation of functionality will be given as if the user is an administrator. Consider that an Editor will have less permissions, and the Viewer even less. The abilities are implied from the deifinitions of users as stated above, and will be detailed further only where appropriate.

Inventory applies an additional security measure to restrict access: each user has a 'Permission Span' setting defined. This setting can restrict a certain user to view information from a certain location and down. This is useful if we want to departmentalize information and allow a user to view info only from a certain location. There are a few points to note about the permission span: