The Reports mechanizm allows you to create different reports from data stored inside the Inventory database. Reports are printer friendly, and can also be exported to a spread-sheet format.

List Report List
When clicking the list icon, or when first presented with the reports dialog you'll see a list of reports you can generate. Reports are categorized by type, and the top listbox in the reports list allows you to view reports by a certain type only or the full list.

Hovering over a report in the list will display a tooltip with a short description of what the report does. Clicking the report will generate the report. Note, that while some reports will immediately present you with results (actuall report data), others may first display a dialog requesting initial information and then leading to a segmented report that can be tailored to show only part of the data - per your specifications.

View Viewing a Report
Once a report is generated, you have more options exposed to you (most options described here are common to most reports, but some may not implement them). First you may notice that "End Reports" (those displaying data, as opposed to dialogs requesting information), will also display additional icons on top of the toolbar:

When tabular reports are displayed, they will not be paged (like list views in regular screens), but they do support column ordering allowing you to sort the report by clicking the desired column; First click will sort the by that column in ascending order, and an additional click will sort in a descending order. Additional clicks will reverse the previous sort order.