Inventory can localized to display all information in your language. (Including support for Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left languages). This document explains how to localize Inventory for your language.
Note You can now use the the xlate utility to help aid the translation process.

If you take the time to make a translation of Inventory to your local language, please share it. Mail me if you wish to contribute your translation work.

The lang/ directory contains all available language resources for Inventory. Each language has it's own directory where the language data is stored in multiple files. When setting the $inv_data[lang] paramter, you're referring to this directory. The 'english' subdirectory contains the main (and default) translation for Inventory, and should always be kept.

These are the steps for creating a new translation:

* Note - you need to change the $inv_data[lang] var in include/cfg.php to the new language to see your translation results.