Upgrading Inventory

Upgrading from versions older than 0.8
Upgrading from version 0.65 (or earlier) to 0.8 (or later) is not supported. This is due to the major database rewrite that was done between these versions. Writing a database upgrade / import tool is a task I currently have no time/resource to execute.
Upgrading from 0.80 to 0.81
Get the upgrade-0.80-0.81.tar.gz file from the Inventory Website. Unpack the file, and copy the files from the directory created over the files in the your Inventory install dir.
Alternately you can get the whole inv-0.81.tar.gz distribution, and overwrite all your files. However, make sure that you backup you configuration file first!
No database upgrade is required for this update.
Upgrading from 0.8x to 0.82
Follow these steps:
  1. Make the Inventory web service offline, by disabling access through your web server
  2. Backup your database
  3. Get the inv-0.82.tgz package
  4. Unpack it: either directly into your inv/ directory, or to another location and then copy the contents over your existing files
  5. Update your database by using the following command:

    mysql -u root -p inventory < SQL/update-0.82.mysql

    (where 'inventory' should be replaced with your DB name)
    If no errors occured, the db update succeeded
  6. Allow web access to Inventory
  7. You can verify the upgrade succeeded by logging in, and looking at the bottom of the navigation bar, the updated version should display there
Upgrading from 0.82 RC1 to 0.82 final release
The upgrade is simple: backup your configuration file, unpack the distribution file inv-0.82.tgz into your Inventory directory. You should see that the version in the navigation bar has changed to 0.82.