The hardware clipboard allows to move hardware from one "owner" object to another - much like the cut/paste operation under your favorite text editor. This dialog can be accessed by clicking the clipboard icon in an "Assign Hardware" dialog.

The dialog works by preforming steps in sequence:

  1. When opening the dialog (or when pressing the clipboard icon top left) you'll be presented with a list of hardware currently assigned to the clipboard. (This is done from the "Assign Hardware" dialog).
  2. You can then choose hardware from this dialog by putting a check mark in the checkbox on the left side of each row.
  3. To assign the selected hardware, you first need to choose which type of item you'd like to move the hardware to. This is done from the listbox presented on the bottom of the list. You then click the "Assign" button
  4. Next, you'll be presented with a listbox of items (of the type chosen in the previous step), from it you need to choose the item to which you want to assign the hardware.
  5. Click the "Assign" button to finish the assignment process: the selected hardware is now moved to the target object.
Note, that you can stop the process by closing the window (hardware will remain in the clipboard indefinitely, and is not dependent of the user's session. Also, the clipboard is shared between all Inventory users - so keep in mind you may see items there that other people moved inside). Alternately you can also restart the process by clicking the clipboard icon, and you'll start again at step #1.