Hardware components can be assigned (or associated) with different objects: A Computer - which may have components installed inside or attached to it. A User - which may own hardware that is not computer attached but rather belongs to a person (like a PDA), and a Location which can be physical place where hardware is stored or operated (like a Departmental Printer, or a Switch in the server room).

Assign The hardware assignment interface is generalized to support association with each type of "owner" object. For this reason it is accessible from each such object type in the edit menu: when editing a computer you can click the "Assing Hardware" icon - a popup window will appear that will allow you to assign hardware to that computer - and the same goes when editing a location or a user.

The dialog supports the following functionality:

Assign Hardware List
When you start the dialog, or when clicking the list button you'll be presented with the list of hardware currently associated with the object being edited. From this list you can perform different operations on each hardware item. (See below).
New Assigning New Hardware
New hardware can be assigned by clicking the "Add Hardware" button on the top toolbar. Note, that you can only assign predefined hardware components. The dialog contains these fields:
Edit Editing associated hardware
The edit dialog is similar to the "Add" dialog described above.
Delete Deleting Hardware
Deleting hardware is also done in the standard way. Note that if you wish to remove the hardware component from the currently assigned object to another object - it would be better to use the hardware clipboard functionality (See below) instead of deleting the hardware and adding it to the target object.
Cut Moving hardware to the Clipboard
Since a hardware object is something you want to track (using the log system), there's an option to move hardware objects between "parent" objects without deleting and re-adding them. This allows to keep track of this specific hardware component whereever it is assigned.

The Hardware Clipboard does just that. To assign an object to the clipboar choose it by clicking it once on the list, then click on the "Assign Hardware to Clipboard" icon.

Clip Hardware Clipboard
You can access the Hardware Clipboard by clicking this icon - a new dialog window will appear which will allow you to access the clipboard.