Assign When Editing an OS you can assign Network Data to the OS by clicking the 'Edit' icon in the Network Definitions section. This will generate a popup window which will allow you to manage Network Data for the OS you're currently editing. (The OS name is displayed in the top toolbar of the dialog).

Network Data Types are defined by the Admin from the "Manage Types" menu. When Adding and Editing an entry for the OS, you'll be restricted to the types defined by the administrator. The dialog support the basic management functions:

List Network Data List
When opening the dialog you'll start with the list of Network Data already defined for the OS. From the list you can choose data items to manage, or you can use the toolbar to add a new item.
List Adding New Network Data
The Add dialog is simple: choose the type from the listbox, and fill in the associated value. In this manner you can fill common network data like IP addresses, host-name, Domain name and so-forth. Network data is not limited in any way, so you can write arbitrary data as value, and you can have multiple values of the same type so you can, for instance, specify multiple IP address if so required.
List Editing Network Data
The Edit dialog is similar to the Add dialog, and it allows you to mofify Network Data items.
List Deleting Network Data
Simply click the item on the list, and click the delete button. You will be prompted to confirm.