Assign When editing an OS record you may click the "Assign Software & Licenses" button in the dialog to manage Software & License records assigned to the current OS. A popup window will open which will allow you to make changes to these sub items. (The popup window top title will always display which OS you're currently editing).

Each OS may be assigned multiple records of software that is installed on the OS, and that may be associated with a license record to indicate that a license was allocated for this software installation on the current OS.

The dialog supports the standard functionality, and starts by showing the current list of Software & Licenses that are assigned to the OS you're editing.

List Software & Licenses List
The list displays the installed records, and allows choosing of items for edit or delete.
New Adding a Record
When adding a record, you will be presented with a simple dialog which will allow you to choose the software you want to assign to the OS; Software is categorized, so two listboxes are displayed: the first displays the Software Type and changes the contents of the second which allows to choose between existing Software that are defined under the type. You may also assign a License from the license listbox, to be associated with the software record. When doing so, the license usage counter will increment by one to indicate association with the current software record on the OS you're editing.
Edit Editing a Record
Edit works in the standard way, and the dialog is identical to the "Add" dialog. It will allow you to make changes to the current Software record.
Del Deleting a Record
Delete is also standard: choose a record from the list and click the delete button; confirmation will be required to complete the deletion.