The Software menu allows you to define different (and categorized) software items that can later be associated with multiple OS. Software components are categorized under "Software Types" (managed from the "Manage Types menu). This is done for easier reference and managemet of multiple software items.

The Software menu supports the basid operations:

List Software List
When first opening the dialog you will be presented with the listbox that will request you to choose which software type to display. After choosing you are presented with the Software list of the type you chose. The type selector is always displayed on top of the list to allow for easy navigation between types. When displaying multiple types, it is also possible to view software of a single type alone, by clicking the type name (displayed in the caption above the list).

The Software list is standard and allows managing software items. Note, that this is a prerequisite step: Software must be defined here before you can associate it with an OS.

View Viewing Software
When an item on the list is clicked once, more details will appear on the right side of the screen. There you can see full details about the software component, view logs for this item, and also request to see all OS where this software is installed.
Add Add a Software Component
Software components can be added by clicking the "Add" button. The dialog will request to fill in the following information:
Edit Editing a Software Component
The Edit dialog is the same as the "Add" dialog.
Delete Deleting a Software Component
Delete operation is also standard. A confirmation will appear to verify the deletion. Note, that when deleting a component - all of its instances associated with any OS will also be deleted; also, in this case associated licenses will not be updated accordingly (this due to a limitation in MySQL version 4.x).