The Licenses menu allows management of licenses you own.

There are two kinds of licenses that the inventory system handels. The first kind is OS license - this type of license is used when we want to assign a license to a known Operating System in inventory this functionality is handeld in the Operating Systems add section. The second kind of license is software license this type of license is for all known softwares in inventory and is assigned in the adding Software to OS section.
both kinds of licneses are automaticaly incremented and decremented by the system when assigning and deleting these license records from an OS or Software.

You can perform the following operations on License:

List licenses List
The list is the default view, it shows the list of all known licenses in the inventory system. The List allows access to view, edit and delete functionality for each License.
View Viewing a License
Viewing a License is done through the list; Full information displays on the right with the option to view all OS where this license was assigned.
New Adding a License
Clicking the "Add" button will show the add dialog:
Edit Editing a License
The edit dialog is similar to the Add dialog, and is accessed by clicking on the desired license in list view, and then clicking the edit button in the top toolbar.
Delete Deleting a Patch
License deletion is also standard. Note, that when deleting a license record all licenses of this kind installed in OS records will also be deleted.