The User Management menu allows the administrator to manage users in the Inventory system. Before starting with this page, be sure that you have the basic information about User Types and Permissions.

The user management interface supports the basic functionality:

List Users List
This is the default view when accessing user managemnt. A list box is presented where you can choose which user type you wish to see in the list. The listbox will be displayed on top of all lists to allow for easy navigation to other user types.

The list displays basic information about each user, and also displays an icon indicating if the user is active or not. Otherwise, the list is standard allowing the regular funtionality and additional features as explained below;

View Viewing a User
When clicking on a user record in the list, the user record will be displayed on the right. The record displays full information about the user, including associated hardware, and an option to view the logs generated by actions taken on the account and logs of all actions performed by the user. (These are available through the icons in the top title of the view).
New Adding a User
As explained in the User Permissions section there are four types of users. Mainly, you can distiguish between two main types: those with access to Inventory and those without (which are only referenced in the system). Basically, Regular users / Hardware Owners can be defined without the login information like username, password etc. All other types must have these fields defined.

The Add dialog supports the following:

Edit Editing a User
The Edit dialog is similar to the Add dialog. Note, that if you fill in the password field for the user you're currently editing - the password will be changed. (And you're expected also confirm the password). If you leave that field empty, password will be left unchanged.
Del Deleting a User
You can delete a user in the standard way. You should consider that user deletion can cause incosistencies in the system: log items will refer to an "Uknown" user, and generally where-ever the user is referenced (hardware, computers etc.) the reference will be annuled or invalid. We recommend using other means instead of deletion: In any case, those two options are better than deletion because they will maintain data integrity inside Inventory.
Toggle Toggle User Status
You can toggle user's status between enabled and disabled by chosing the user record from the list and clicking the toggle button on the top toolbar. The user will change status and the indicating icon on the list will change to indicate the new status: (In the default theme) this is denoted by a lit light bulb for an active user, and a dim one for an inactive user. See the explanation in the Delete section above why Status Toggle is bettern than Deletion.